Artisan credit: how to get it?

Whether you are starting out or want to invest in your activity, an artisan loan is always welcome.

Basically, a lloan is a monetary loan provided to borrowers that must be paid in full or on installments when the borrowers receive their next pay check. The loan amounts granted are typically fairly small and are based on the gross amount of money the borrower earns for each pay period.

 But how do you get such a boost? Tips for getting credit easily, at the fairest rate.

Where to obtain an artisan credit?

Where to obtain an artisan credit?

The first step before obtaining an artisanal loan goes through the choice of your contact. Today, “professional” type loans are mainly offered by approved organizations, banks in particular.

– A first option therefore consists in applying to a bank. If it seems natural for a craftsman to turn to “his” bank, we should not hesitate to play the competition by going to learn elsewhere. Comparing the proposals allows an artisan to find the most advantageous offer.

– The other option, now often used, is the following: go through crowdfunding on the Internet. Some platforms thus offer to put investors in direct contact with artisans looking for credit. The advantage? Faster response and more competitive rates.

What elements to provide to obtain an artisan credit?

What elements to provide to obtain an artisan credit?

The second step to get your artisan credit is to prepare a loan application. This file includes a certain number of supporting documents, in general:

– a complete presentation of the company;

– a presentation of the project to be financed and its amount;

– the national identity card of the entrepreneur;

– the company’s extract;

– the last three balance sheets or a forecast balance sheet.

Optimizing your chances of obtaining an artisan loan

Optimizing your chances of obtaining an artisan loan

Once the file is submitted, the banks often interview artisans looking for credit. To put the odds on its side, it is better to prepare for it: the main thing is to emphasize the strengths of the project.

As for participative platforms, the objective is above all to capture the attention of investors. How? ‘Or’ What? By taking care of the written presentation which highlights the ambitions of the craft business and the potential of the project to be funded.

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