Beware of the 6 Negative Impacts of Credit Cards

All the convenience in dealing with credit cards makes us often forget our financial limits. We easily swipe the plastic card without thinking about how much money we still have. This will make our debt accumulate continuously until it becomes large and ultimately difficult or even unable to pay.


Credit cards make us more consumptive

Credit cards make us more consumptive

Consumptive nature increases when we have a credit card. By having a credit card, we often unwittingly buy goods or services that we don’t really need or want. Makes us feel we can afford anything, even though debt is starting to wrap around. Don’t get trapped, think and count our money before you swipe.


Credit cards make us fatter

When we use cash to buy food, we will choose food that suits our money conditions. However, when we use a credit card, we tend to buy food that is more expensive, tastier, but less healthy. This happens because we don’t see our true financial condition, and most of the good food is not healthy. Agree?


Credit cards make us wasteful

Credit cards make us wasteful

Credit cards provide various attractive promos, one of which is by collecting rewards points that can be obtained if we make a transaction. Prizes that can be obtained with rewards points are very interesting. For this reason, we are often willing to carry out transactions that are actually not necessary just to get additional points.


Credit cards damage our good name

This will happen if we have credit card arrears in arrears. With the arrears, the bank will do everything possible so that we pay these bills, including by bringing in debt collectors. Through the debt collector, the bank will do anything so that the bank is not in doubt, from terrorizing the house to confiscation of valuables to personal assets. Remember, don’t forget to pay the bill!


Credit cards make us easy to be cheated

Credit cards damage our good name

Shopping online is a trend now, because it’s easy and can be done anywhere, anytime. How to shop online can be done with a credit card, namely by entering our credit card number and items can be paid for. This convenience can have a negative impact when we give our account numbers to bad people, because with these numbers, other people can also make transactions without our knowledge. So, be careful when giving our credit card information to people or online shopping websites.


Credit cards can kill us

Our increasingly consumptive and unconscious nature of our financial capabilities will make us more and more indebted. Then because the debt is too large, we cannot afford to pay it. Terror from debt collectors began to arrive and the reputation of the family was tarnished. Banks, through debt collectors, start confiscating our assets and eventually we have nothing. This can lead to death! Do not let this happen yes, we must always remember every problem there is a way out.

Dare Debt? Must Be Ready to Pay

After knowing the negative effects that might occur if we have a credit card, we must be more vigilant and careful when making transactions. Credit cards will facilitate and help our lives if we can be wise and disciplined in paying bills. That is the key so that we can avoid the negative impacts above. Always remember, if you dare to go into debt, you must be prepared to pay!

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