Choosing a Good Artwork Scanner

Starting an Oral Surgery Practice in Campbell, CA
Starting an Oral Surgery Practice in Campbell, CA
September 29, 2017

As an artist, your artwork needs to be exposed to your fans, and this can be done better online. With more than three billion people having access to the internet, artists cannot belittle the power of online marketing. Once you have made a good artwork, for instance, a portrait, you need to either photograph or scan your work.

Scanning is preferred as it gives you a good angle on the artwork. With a good scanner, you are able to get a complete replica of your artwork for online consumption. Read below to learn how to choose a good one.

What are the common scanner problems?

When you are scanning art, you need to have the color quality of the original artwork displayed on the scanned copy. Some scammers will not give you the exact color shade that you need but instead shows fading color. With some scanners, you will also struggle to get good lighting on the scanned copy, thereby ending up with a lot of contrast on some sections of the scanned art.

When the lens curvature of the scanner is not in good shape, there may be a warping or shadowy effect on the scanned art. Another common problem is the production of a grained photo after scanning. The above problems can be escaped by choosing a quality scanner for artwork.

You know you have a good scanner when there is no difference between the scanned work and the original. Consider the factors below.

What Should You Look for?

For starters, you need to consider the size and the resolution of the scanner. The size will be determined by the size of your artwork since it is easier to scan your work at the same time than scanning sections. You need to get the highest resolution affordable to capture the smallest details on your artwork.

The design of the scanner will significantly affect its usage. A flat scanning area lets you position your art with ease while an area with edges may produce a shadowy effect. Lastly, consider speed and extra features.
Good speed means you will have to wait for less to get art scanned. Extra features and compatibility to your existing system make scanning more convenient for you.

Should Cost Matter?

When you are just starting out as an artist, you may not have much money to afford the best scanner. You can look at different scanners and get more information on Secret Asian Man and choose one that falls within your budget. You can start by choosing the right size even when the resolution is slightly low – avoid fancy extra features such as Bluetooth that you do not need.

If you can afford the best scanner for artwork, go for it as this will make marketing your art online easier for you.

Buy Today

Most starting artists use their mobile phones to photograph artwork, but this should not be the case. Getting a good angle on a mobile phone can be challenging. Given the reduced prices of scanners, one does not have a reason to use a mobile phone. Buy a scanner today and start marketing your art online like a pro.

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