Tips for Home and Business Owners – How to Identify Trees to Be Removed

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Trees are beautiful parts of the environment. Trees complete nature. They make the environment complete. However, there are times when trees can be problematic. Trees can become a nuisance within your property. They can cause damages and accidents. This is when you need to make hard decisions. You have to decide whether the trees are worth keeping as they are on your property. This is when you decide to pay for RI tree removal.

The question you may want to ask is; when is the right time for removing trees?

Undesirable species

First, you have to determine whether the tree belongs to the species that you wish to keep on your property. Some species are desirable while others aren’t. The undesirable species include Norway maple, Bradford pear, empress tree, mimosa, tree of heaven, poplars and mulberry among others. Such trees aren’t undesirable for some flimsy reasons. The trees become undesirable once they develop the following traits:

  • Weak wood making it susceptible to frequent breakages
  • Shallow roots causing extensive damages to lawns and pavement
  • Drops huge amounts of debris
  • Infested with insects and diseases
  • Transforms into an invasive species

Unhealthy trees

Tree disease and damage can be lethal for the tree and even spread to other plants.

Next, you have to evaluate the health of your trees. This might be hard if you have no experience on such matters. A good and highly experienced tree remover or arborist is capable of inspecting your trees and giving you a detailed report on their health status. An unhealthy tree has abnormal or stunted growth. Its appearance doesn’t create wonderful images in your mind either. If you have applied too much herbicide on the trees, you will soon see them with misshapen leaves.

Trunk damages

Trees with trunk damages are eligible for the tree removal services. Large older wounds, dead branch stubs, seams and vertical cracks are the signs you need to be looking for to determine the extent of trunk damages the trees have experienced. If the trees show any of the signs listed here, your arborist should tell you that they are developing internal decay, thus not worth keeping around in your property. Trees with severely damaged trunks are ready for removal.

Hollow and rotten trunks

Hollowness in trees is not something that you should ignore. Trees can continue living for many years, despite the hollowness of their trunks. However, keeping such trees on your property would be ill advised. This is because such types of trees are dangerous. Hollow trunks weaken the trees, thus making them prone to falling. If 30 percent of the tree’s interior is hollow or rotten, you should not think twice about removing it from your property.

Therefore, you should not ignore the state of your trees. Hire an arborist to inspect the trees and tell you how healthy or unhealthy they are. If he determines that the trees are not worth allowing to continue growing on your property, the next words out of your mouth should be to give the permission to proceed with their removal. As long as you regularly check your trees for any of the signs mentioned here, you should be able to tell when they need RI tree removal services.

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